Olatua and photography

The sea and the photography, two hobbies, two hobbies that have become my jobs . Lucky me.

As a child I used to go to the beach in Hondarribi, the beach that lost its waves. Afterwords I crossed to the other side of the Bidasoa, to Ondarraitz.
Eli encourages me to dive and snorkel in the Cantabrian sea. Yes, I like it , I agree and enjoy it. Later on, the sailingboat comes

At maturity I enjoy studying navigation. Nautical books, charts, compasses and conveyors fill in my table with joy.
I surf, I feel the sea and I learn. And I’m still learning …
Txikotia, Mir, Saltillo, NaoVictoria, Bontemps, PakeaBizkaia and Olatua … sailboats that have sailed through my veins.




El Carmen en La Savina

Es Vedrá


I bought my first SLR camera on a trip to Dortmund, a Ricoh KR 10 and a 50mm 1:2. The shutter’s sound still accompanies me. Some courses and laboratory practice in my black and white photograph laboratory will bring me to Amaiur photography. 16 years in Donostia among cameras, films, photos and customers whose names I could remember only related to their camera types. But, suddenly, one day a wind rolled changed the course of my life and I bought Olatua, a Bavaria 36. I went to Ibiza and Formentera with the intention to show this little paradise to those who love the sea and sailing.

Faro de la Mola

Grandes veleros

Pesca submarina


Salinas de Formentera



Faro de Barbería

In Olatua and photography you can see images of places, people, beaches, sailboats and magical lights taken with our third eye …
Olatua and photography is a space to share feelings through the photography. Taking photographs is like saving in the hard drive of our hearts the beautiful moments spent on board.

Olatua and photography is a space where we want you to share your images with us. For this reason, we have included a PHOTO COMPETITION with the photos taken on the sailboat Olatua. It is a way to thank your presence and contribution to our project. And, of course, it has a reward. The possibility of enjoying A WEEK’S STAY IN OLATUA next summer. Do you agree with that?