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Our deserved vacation start

Olatua and her skipper ar willing to sail.We leave the peninsula in early June and we sail to Menorca. 100 nautical miles, about 24 hours sailing separate us from the first anchorages in coves of crystalline waters. Romantic sunset, we turn on the navigation lights, night guards, a coffe thermos under a cloak of stars. Who joins us in the crossing?
Bow to Ciudadela. We make a round along the island to the south enjoying its beautiful beaches: Turqueta, Macarella, Macarelleta, Mitjana, Galdana….

Northwards we pass through Mahon before arriving at the Parc Natural de Albufera des Grau . 5000 hectares of nature, an interpretation center, hundreds of seabirds, hiking, the lighthouse in Favaritx … the biosphere reserve of Menorca.

And we sail through the north. Fornels and its impressive and sheltered natural harbour. Little virgin coves and three small islands which are home of the Balearic sargantana. We landed our canoes and enjoy the clean waters.

Coves such as Pregonta, La Vall or Morell delight us with a quiet and uninhabited north coast before arriving at Ciudadela. We enjoy the magical feast of Saint Joan, where horses and people merge into a hug.

Menorca La Isla Bonita, crystal and turquoise waters await us.